Frequently Asked Questions

How do you match a new traveler to our existing traveler?

We can make your new Garhauer traveler match your existing traveler in one of two ways:

  1. Send us your existing traveler and we will duplicate it.  We will make the length the same and place the holes in the new traveler in the same place as the old traveler or:
  2. Measure the length of your existing traveler and measure the existing fastener holes the following way:
    • Measure in from the end of the traveler to the first hole (specify for both port and starboard)
    • Measure the distance between the holes and specify if they are evenly spaced.  If not evenly space, specify the distance (center to center) of each hole.
  3. If you have a curvature to the traveler:
    • Specify if the traveler is curved up or down
    • Place the traveler on a flat surface and measure the distance to the highest point of the curvature.  In other words, how much of a drop or rise is there.

How do I measure for a rigid boom vang?

  1. Tell us what make and model of boat you have (if we have already made a vang for your model we have the info that is needed)
  2. Measure the distance from the underside of your boom straight down to the lowest point of the mast where the mast bracket can be mounted.
  3. Produce templates (profiles) for the aft side of the mast and bottom of the boom
    • Take a piece of soldering wire and bend it around the aft part of the mast, then trace the shape onto a piece of paper
    • Repeat the process for the underside of the boom.
  4. Draw a 1” square near the mast and boom profiles (for reference of size)
  5. Email the drawings, with your name and phone # on each page, to:

What if I already have existing mast and boom brackets for a rigid boom vang?

Please print the attached page, provide the measurements needed, put your name and phone # on the page and email. Click here to view Boom Vang Measurments document. (PDF)

How do I measure for Dinghy Davits?

Please provide us with the following information:

  • Type of boat
  • Type of transom
  • Weight of dinghy/outboard
  • Stern rail configuration
  • Emailing pictures will also help

We can then tell you which measurements are needed.

What is a Unibody block?

You may have noticed some of the blocks are labeled Unibody and have a designation of UB in the product number.  These blocks are precision milled from a solid block of premium 6061 T-6 aluminum for a high strength to weight ratio.  All mating surfaces are constructed with non-conductive Delrin, the longest wear engineering grade plastic.  Torlon ball bearings are used for durable, effortless rotation.