Traveler MT-UB-1

Standard track traveler with high strength Unibody construction for boats 25-32 feet

Traveler type is determined by:
* Where traveler is located on the boat
* Where mainsheet attaches to the boom
* Length of traveler
* How the traveler is fasten to the boat
All mainsheet cars and controls are ball bearing construction.

Travelers are custom made for each boat. Customization includes:

  • Length of traveler
  • Hole spacing to match your existing holes
  • End blocks and cleats
  • Curvature if appropriate
  • Mid-boom sheeting vs. end boom sheeting

Please call 909-985-9993 to discuss the proper traveler for your boat. Shipping costs will be dependent on the traveler type, length and destination.

View this page for more information about measuring for this custom product:
Frequently Asked Questions


Oversized Item Yes (May require additional shipping charges)
Special Shipping Notice Additional shipping surcharge may apply if this item is overweight.